What is Solar Streets? 

Solar Streets is a community partnership between IDDEA and your local council.  Offering communities, high quality bulk installations, we are able to offer a 25% discount on the average price of installations. 

By creating affordable solar energy in your area we are able to help your local council meet their climate change goals. We also donate £50 from each installation to a solar panel installation on your chosen local charity project. 

All our systems are of the highest quality and their performance matters to us. We offer all Solar Streets customers the option of additional accessories to maximize your investment.


Bringing communities together through renewable energy 


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Can't find Solar Streets in your area?

We are working hard to offer solar streets to more communities across the uk. If you are interested in Solar Streets but we aren't available in your area yet, please contact us. Alternatively feel free to fill in our no obligation request form, to log your areas interest. 

IDDEA solar streets installation in Frome UK